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Here are a list of my currently published books:

Finding Grace 1600rMy most recent book is a novel called:

Finding Grace–A Transformational Journey.

It is an ebook published on Amazon kindle and you can find by clicking on the book cover.

What’s it about?  Here is a short synopsis:

Ever wonder what it takes to be uniquely and passionately yourself in a world determined to make you like everyone else?

Grace Martin intends to find out as she stumbles from one humbling life lesson to another. With a peculiar, but supportive guide and mentor named Mrs. Pettermint, Grace slowly breaks free of traditional family and religion and courageously explores life, relationships, and various spiritual traditions seeking solutions that make her soul shine. Finally, just when the peak of her journey seems within reach, her beloved mentor dies leaving her nearly $50 Million Dollars—but the only way to claim that inheritance and find the peace Grace craves is to face the fierce criticism of her past, the betrayals of the present, and the thousands she serves as a New Thought Minster.

Finding Grace reveals that in order to find grace, a woman must surrender her fears, doubts and attachments and learn to walk the transformational journey into her own soul.


My next book is a book that draws upon my background and experience as a real estate broker for nearly 30 years and a writer of escrow newsletters and promotional materials for nearly 25 years.  The title of this book is

FSBOThe Complete Guide To Selling Your Own Home In California

Published by Zyrus Press; 1st edition (April 8, 2008)

This book is available only in print and can be bought through  (click on book cover to access)

What’s it about?



Is it possible to sell your home yourself and save a large amount of money? Absolutely! Is it easy and simple? Not always. Fortunately, with the comprehensive information, including all the forms, explanations and disclosures in The Complete Guide to Selling Your Own Home in California, you now have everything you need to successfully accomplish the goal of selling your home yourself.

Accompanying this book is a CD containing all the necessary legal forms and worksheets required in an editable and printable format to sell residential property in the state of California.

This book is organized into three parts. Part One addresses the choices you face and reveal some of the mysteries of the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) experience. Part Two is filled with the elements every seller needs to know before, during and after the successful completion of a sale. Part Three is for trouble-shooting or to use as a reference when a task is at hand or if you find yourself facing a roadblock. This final part also includes some simple marketing techniques that all sellers should at least be aware of before beginning the sales process.

In addition, the accompanying CD contains all the legal forms a homeseller needs for any phase of a transaction. Until now, finding forms to legally transfer real estate in California has been one of the greatest challenges facing those in the FSBO market. Feel free at any time to jump around in the book or to browse the CD to find anything that directly tackles your current concerns or questions.


My third book, and the first published is titled:

PS coverThe Findhorn Book of Practical Spirituality:  A Down-to-Earth Guide to a Miraculous Life

Published by Findhorn Press, April 1, 2003

This book is no longer offered by the publisher but you can access sites that offer copies through

What is it about?



Why should we be spiritual? As a co-leader of an independent spiritual organization for seven years, Kathy Gottberg was uniquely challenged to discover and use the spiritual ideas that work in everyday life, not just those that sound good. Clearly, only the most practical of those concepts have true life-transforming power. So, what does practical spirituality look like? This book identifies ten characteristics of a person who practices spirituality in a down-to-earth way, and helps us to define it and to recognize it in others and ourselves. Whenever possible, stories and personal examples are used to illustrate and clarify.

Praise for Practical Spirituality:

    “Practical Spirituality” is, for modern life, where the rubber meets the road in our relationships with each other, the planet, the cosmos.  Authenticity, with integrity, honesty and clarity of thought directing our actions, is the true path of a spiritual person.  With poignant stories and examples, Kathy Gottberg points the way for those wanting to take control of their own spiritual direction.”

~Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D. Founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences

   “Kathy Gottberg writes like an angel—clear and right to the point.”

~Walter Starke, author of “It’s All God,” “The Golden Thread, ” “Homesick For Heaven, and others.

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