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My Blog!

SMART Living 365 is a site that shares ideas and information about how to live a happy, peaceful and meaningful life every day of the year.  SMART  stands for Sustainable, Meaningful, Aware, Responsible & Thankful.

My name is Kathy Gottberg, and together with my husband Thom we came up with the acronym SMART to help remind us of some essential ideas that we’ve learned while creating a life filled with happiness and well-being.  We think SMART is easy to remember, and covers just about every quality and aspect of a happy and fulfilled life that we can imagine.  Our intention is to frequently share our experiences and discoveries here on this site so that together we can all benefit from SMART Living 365.

Are you ready to live SMART too?   If yes, be sure and sign up for our regular posts, comment frequently, and feel free to share your SMART tip ideas as well.